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The 12 Eco Friendly Swaps of Christmas

Our top Eco Friendly Christmas Swaps

Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas with these 12 zero waste swaps. 

We've put together a list of 12 eco-friendly swaps for Christmas. These are all simple things you can do to have a festive experience whilst still caring for the environment. We've complied ideas for advent, for gift giving and even for Christmas dinner. Keep reading to find out our recommendations. 

Recycled Sari Wrap

1. Swap from artificial Christmas tree to rented real tree

Why not rent a tree for Christmas from a local Christmas tree farm, or if you don't have one local to you, buy a live tree and keep it growing outside until Christmas next year. We've done this with ours and it's even grown a few inches!

2. Swap from plastic decorations to homemade

Make your own plastic-free Christmas decorations! Our favourites are made from dried lemon/orange slices. Another favourite is to buy paper decorations that can be reused each year - I've been using this paper star light for at least 5 years!

3. Swap from plastic tinsel to paper chains

Make your own tinsel out of paper chains. This is a great activity for winter nights and can be recycled or reused for the festive period next year.

Paper Tape

4. Swap from Sellotape to paper tape

When wrapping gifts, use paper tape or twine instead of Sellotape. Paper tape is recyclable so you can pop the whole wrap straight into your paper recycling no problem. 

5. Swap from wrapping paper to fabric wraps

Instead of un-recyclable wrapping paper, swap for brown paper or even better fabric wraps that not only look great under the tree but can be reused again and again. 

6. Swap from plastic toys to inspiring books

Gift the kids an inspiring children's book about wild animals fighting against the climate crisis and plastic pollution. Get them on track to being an eco warrior! My personal favourite is Duffy's Lucky Escape.  

Vegan Chocolate

7. Swap from plastic-wrapped sweets to chocolates in foil

For Christmas stockings, instead of plastic wrapped sweets, buy chocolates or sweet wrapped in foil. This is such a simple swap that will make a big difference but still be just as tasty on Christmas morning.

8. Swap from novelty gifts to reusable gifts

Instead of throw-away novelty gifts, buy reusable gifts like water bottles, coffee cups or tote bags that will be used throughout the whole of the year. 

9. Swap from plastic wrapped veg to a local farm box

Buy your Christmas dinner vegetable loose from your local supermarket, green grocers or if you have one nearby, try a local farm's veg box. You can get these delivered to your door with all the bits you need for Christmas day. 

10. Swap from plastic Tupperware to reusable food wraps

Store Christmas dinner leftovers in metal lunch boxes, or cover them with reusable food wraps, silicone lids or in silicone pouches. These are so many zero waste storage swaps to choose from.

Reusable Christmas Cracker

11. Swap from single-use to reusable Christmas crackers

Crackers often are covered in glitter so they can't be recycled. Get reusable Christmas crackers that you can fill with your own jokes and treats so you save on the plastic waste and the crackers can be used year after year. 

12. Swap from material gifts to gifting experiences

Saving my favourite eco-friendly swap for last - gift experiences with your friends and families. This is my ultimate favourite as the gift lasts long after the festive period and you can make memories together! 


If you're still stuck for ideas, take at look at our collection for all sorts of eco-friendly Christmas swaps you might need this festive period, from stocking fillers, to gift ideas, and gift wrapping essentials.   

We'd love to hear your ideas, what have you got planned for your zero waste Christmas?


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