How To Have a Green Christmas

Sustainable Christmas tree

It’s easier than ever to have a green Christmas with these eco-friendly ideas

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also one of the most wasteful times of the year. From wrapping paper to leftover food, it’s crazy how one day can cause so much damage to our planet.

Don’t worry though, as there are many ways to celebrate Christmas in an eco-friendly way. Not sure how? Keep reading as we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to having a green Christmas.

Green Gifts

Something that everyone would love to receive is a reusable coffee cup - they’re stylish, sustainable, and even save you money from the local coffee shop!

Speaking of hot drinks, our coffee and tea gift sets are ideal for cold winter mornings, complete with their favourite flavour and accessories for brewing the perfect hot drink.

If you know a newbie to sustainability, our Bare Essentials Gift Set includes everything they’ll need to kickstart their eco-friendly routine, all packaged up in one lovely eco present.

A gift card is another great option to allow people to carefully select something that they’ll actually use, and there’s a massive variety of eco-friendly gifts on our site to choose from!

We’ve prepared an entire blog about ethical gifts that you can give to the whole family if you need even more inspiration.

Green Gift Wrapping

Wrapping your green Christmas gifts in non-sustainable packaging defeats the purpose - we recommend using brown paper instead as it’s chic and can easily be recycled.

Another essential is paper tape - the plastic-free and recyclable alternative to Sellotape that works just as well. We recommend stocking up now!

For decorating your gifts, Natural Jute Twine is a lovely sustainable option. You could even create handmade gift tags from scrap materials around the home - it’s way cheaper and greener!


Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping

Green Decorations

Unleash your inner creative side and make some handmade green Christmas decorations this festive season – you’ll be surprised by what you’re capable of!

I recommend searching on Pinterest for some easy tutorials - most incorporate what you’ve got lying around the house but look impressive.

Sustainable Food

Try and find some locally sourced, vegetarian or vegan options to include in your eco-friendly Christmas dinner this year.

I recommend checking out local markets and tradesmen to see what’s on offer – you’ll be amazed by the large selection of green goods to create home comfort foods with.

Real Tree

We’re massive advocates of having a real Christmas tree for the festive season – it’s way better for the planet and also adds to the magical feeling.

Why not take your green Christmas one step further and plant one in your garden to reuse the following year? It’s less stressful and the planet will appreciate your efforts!

Not only is it way more sustainable, but it’s also a lovely addition to your garden all year round!


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to realise that having a green Christmas is incredibly easy thanks to these simple swaps! Which tip was your favourite? We’d love to hear in the comments section!

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