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Collection: Soap Bars

Handmade, Natural Soap Bars that are Eco-Friendly

Our selection of natural soap bars that are kind to your skin and to nature. Many of these soap bars are handmade by small UK brands and are made with organic, vegan ingredients to nourish all of your skin. These eco-friendly soaps include body soap bars, facial soap bars and beautiful eco soaps perfect for gifting.

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This collection of eco-friendly soaps contains a soap for all occasions. Find the perfect natural soap for cleaning your hands, face and body, all packaged without any plastic. Without the chemicals, these organic soaps can rid your skin of any bad bacteria and brighten up any bathroom.

What are the benefits of using a natural soap bar?

The natural ingredients within a natural soap bar are soothing for skin and do not cause any harm to our environment when washed down the drain. These ingredients tend to be vegan and cruelty-free ensuring no animals are impacted when making them. When using a handmade soap bar, you are also supporting small businesses.

What makes a natural soap bar eco-friendly?

Natural soaps have a lower carbon footprint and less packaging than their liquid counterparts which makes them better for the environment. Often made locally and packaged plastic-free, eco-friendly soap bars are the best option for reducing your emissions.

Are natural handmade soaps better for your skin?

Handmade soap bars contain natural oils, butters and milks which help to naturally nourish and soothe all types of skin. Non-natural soaps can contain harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates which can be harmful to nature and have been known to trigger health conditions.

How long do eco-friendly soap bars last?

Eco-friendly soaps can last for over a month if they are left to dry out between uses. It is recommended to store soap in a soap dish away from water or even to cut it in half to extend its life beyond 4 weeks.

Purchasing an all natural soap bar can help to reduce irritation and inflammation with all skin types. This coupled with the incredible benefits for the environment when using an eco soap, it is clear that this is the best option. Why not choose your favourite eco-friendly soap bar from these incredible independent British brands.