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Bottle Brush - Life Before Plastik
Bottle Brush - Life Before Plastik
Bottle Brush - Life Before Plastik

Bottle Brush

Eco Coconut
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This eco-friendly bottle brush is made by Eco Coconut from natural coconut fibre, and is biodegradable.

  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Non-toxic
  • Highly durable & doesn't scratch

Eco Coconut's bottle brush is a perfect alternative to disposable plastic and doesn't contain any of the chemicals you sometimes find in other commercial products. As well as being highly durable, these bottle brushes don't scratch.

Tip: Any metal found on Eco Coconut's products can be recycled. 

It all depends on usage and what you're using it for. We've scoured pots and pans, stove tops and griddle pans, it does it all! On average this product should last you well over a year.


Made from natural coconut fibres.


This is a team that see themselves as plastic-free revolutionaries. They created this legacy so that people would begin to choose biodegradable products instead of random off-the-shelf items. With their suppliers based in Sri Lanka, they've won multiple sustainability awards and continue to fight the good fight. Good eggs!

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