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LoofCo: Loofah Cleaning Pads
LoofCo: Loofah Cleaning Pads

Loofah Cleaning Pads

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These cleaning pads are 100% natural, made from the loofah plant (part of the cucumber family) and grow in Egypt. 

The pad grows in size as it becomes wet, making is an eco friendly version of a sponge! As it is a natural product, the pad does vary in size a tiny bit but it will be roughly 10 x 10 cm. 

Please note there is a small sticker on the back that holds the packaging together. This is made from cellulose and is biodegradable. The whole pad can be put into the compost recycling once finished with. 

For a video review of these plastic free loofahs, check out Charlie talking about everything you need to know here.


LoofCo are a completely vegan and plastic-free company. All their products are made from either loofah or coconut and ethically produced in Egypt or Sri Lanka. We offer a whole range of their products because we are slightly in love with them.