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Medium Sized Bento Bag
Vesta Living Medium Sized Bento Bag
Vesta Living Medium Sized Bento Bag

Medium Sized Bento Bag

Vesta Living
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This medium Japanese-style bento bag is perfect for storing your lunch in. It’s made from 100% cotton and completely plastic-free.

Just pop in your lunch, tie it up and you’re ready to go. Once used you can wash and reuse this bento bag for lunchtimes, or other activities, over and over again.

A great plastic-free alternative, you can even use them for grocery shopping – the options are endless. 

For more information, check out this video of Charlie chatting about the Vesta Living Bento Bag and Baby Wipes. 


Founded by Bryony, Vesta Living really take plastic free facial rounds and other 100% cotton products to the next level. Why do they need to be round? They don't. By having square and straight edges, material wastage is reduced.