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Organic Rosemary Conditioner (Just add water) - Life Before Plastik
Organic Rosemary Conditioner (Just add water) - Life Before Plastik

Organic Rosemary Conditioner (Just add water)

Heavenly Skincare
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This brand new plastic free conditioner is organic and vegan. It's so easy to use, all you do is take a little from the tin, add in a little bit of water to make a paste and there you have it! 

It's key ingredient is Amla which comes from gooseberries, which is natures natural conditioner! This is backed up with rosemary, known to be terrific for strengthening, nourishing roots, getting rid of dandruff and helping with a dry scalp. And, of course, it's completely plastic- free! It comes in a little tin! 


Form a paste with ¼ to ½ a teaspoon of the conditioner (depending on hair length) and stroke through the hair (concentrating on the ends). Can be left on from 5 – 30 minutes depending on how deep a condition you require. Rinse thoroughly. We recommend you do a patch test on your hair prior full use if your hair is coloured as it can enhance darkened colours.

For a video on how to use this plastic free powder conditioner, click the link to see Charlie explain all.


Emblica Officinalis (Amla) Powder Organic, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Powder Organic.


These guys put themselves firmly into the skincare bracket and don't want to be categorised as part of the beauty industry. What this means, is that their products have purpose. There was a gap in the market for plastic-free, vegan skincare products and that is where the lovely folks are Heavenly Skincare jumped in. 6 years down the line, they have a huge range of products, that we are really excited to be adding to our marketplace.

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