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Scrubbies plastic free sponge
Scrubbies plastic free sponge
Scrubbies plastic free sponge
Scrubbies plastic free sponge

Unsponges x2 Pack

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Scrubbies are a plastic free alternative to a sponge. They are really good for cleaning pots, pans, ovens - you name it, it does it. They come in cool designs, are 100% organic cotton and are printed with eco dyes. They have a bamboo lining which is naturally antibacterial and a hessian back which helps add friction when scrubbing! Also because they are made using organic cotton thread, they are fully biodegradable so when they've come to the end of their life you can just pop them into your compost bin or bury them in the garden! 

They measure about 14cm x 11cm and can be washed over and over again at a maximum of 40 degrees. On average they last at least 6 months. 

They come in packs of two. Please select which design you'd like.


100% organic cotton with a bamboo lining and hessian back. Sewn with organic cotton thread.


Scrubbies are handmade by Kerry in Llangollen. She has such a huge collection of patterns it was so hard to pick our favourites to stock! Inspired by the plastic-free revolution, Kerry doesn't use any plastic packaging either. Our parcels even arrived with paper tape! That's when you know for sure that she's a good egg!