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Collection: Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable Cotton Rounds and Organic Cloths

Our range of reusable cotton rounds and cloths to replace single-use makeup wipes and cotton pads. These eco cotton rounds are handmade by independent UK businesses using organic cotton. Ideal for use with a makeup remover, cleanser or toner, the face wipes are reusable and made to last.

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Reusable cotton rounds are one of the easiest switches to make to a sustainable lifestyle. Made with organic cotton, the cotton rounds are made to be reused. Reusable face pads are designed to be washed after removing makeup or cleansing your skin and dramatically reduce waste from single-use cotton pads used daily and then thrown into landfill.

Are reusable cotton pads eco-friendly?

Reusable cotton pads are an environmentally friendly alternative to single use face wipes as they create zero waste and are made from organic cotton. By being reusable, these face cloths also prevent thousands of throw away cotton pads ending up in the waste management system.

How do you clean reusable cotton rounds?

To clean your reusable cotton rounds, wash them with a gentle soap after use. Once you have collected enough cloth wipes, add them to your washing machine with similar colours and wash on a low temperature. This helps to look after the material and to reduce your impact on the environment.

Are reusable face wipes hygienic?

To stop breakouts and the spread of bacteria on your face, it’s best to use reusable face wipes only once before washing. This ensures that your reusable cotton rounds remain hygienic for your skin.

How long do reusable cotton rounds last?

If looked after correctly, by washing and hanging to dry after use, reusable cotton rounds can last for years. Store them together in your bathroom and you’ll be amazed how you have only just made the switch from the disposable variety.

Looking after your skin through an eco-friendly skincare routine has never been easier, and these reusable cotton rounds are a key tool in achieving this. Whether you prefer a smaller cotton round or larger reusable face wipe, this collection showcases the most sustainable, organic reusable cotton round options.

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