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Maistic Compostable Waste Bags - 30L
Maistic Compostable Waste Bags - 30L

Compostable Waste Bags - 30L

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Compostable bin liners are here! Okay, so the whole idea is that you're reducing your waste and eventually you won't need a bin at all, let a lone a bin liner, but this isn't realistic for everyone yet. 

Your standard black plastic bin liner won't be breaking down any time soon and we're a while off supermarkets offering a plastic-free alternative so instead you can purchase them here with us.

These bags are the 30L ones, we're working on getting other sizes in stock too. 

To see what these compostable waste bags look like and find out more, click the link to watch a video of Charlie chatting all the things you need to know.


Made from plant based material.


These lovely people are on a mission to stop single-use plastic altogether. Founded by Brian & Heidi, Maistic is dedicated to the development of all things plastic free. They create products that are affordable and great alternatives to their plastic counterparts. We're so excited to be stocking them.