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Percol Bold Peruvian Ground Coffee - Life Before Plastik
Percol Bold Peruvian Ground Coffee - Life Before Plastik

Bold Peruvian Ground Coffee

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A  bold Arabica bean coffee using beans from Peru that is strength 5 with punchy and delicious notes of pecan to give you that extra kick out of your morning, afternoon, or evening.

  • Plastic-free with the bag able to be home composted
  • 100% fairtrade
  • Roasted in the UK
  • Picked by hand

To use in a cafetière or French press: Use 2 tablespoons per cup. Add water just off the boil, stir, then brew for 4 minutes. Plunge, pour and enjoy.


Organic 100% Peruvian Arabica beans.


Founded back in 1987, Percol was the first ground coffee to earn the Fairtrade mark and helped to make organic coffee a thing. Their ethos is about community, the social side of drinking coffee and the lifestyle it can help to provide those who grow it. We like them for everything that they stand for, we like them a lot.


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