Christmas Soy Wax Candles- 2 pack
Christmas Soy Wax Candles- 2 pack

Winter Warmer Soy Wax Candles- 2 pack

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These soy wax candles are pretty special to us. Trina has made these herself upcycling the glass candle holders that she used at her wedding. There's no point them sitting in the garage waiting for the next big occasion - let's find them all some new homes! That means they're limited edition! 

These candles are hand poured using environmentally friendly soy wax. They are approximately 100ml and will burn for at least 25 hours. We've used a warm winter essential oil in them, not too overpowering, quite subtle but definitely lovely for the winter season! 

Soy wax burns long, cleaner and these candles don't contain any dyes. Remember not to burn any longer than 4 hours at a time, and to keep the wick trimmed to about .5mm to stop any smoke. Don't leave your candle unattended, and don't move any of the botanics in it once burning has started. 

You get two in a pack! 

Organic & sustainable soy wax

We made these beauties!