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English Peppermint Chewing Gum - Life Before Plastik
English Peppermint Chewing Gum - Life Before Plastik

English Peppermint Chewing Gum

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Did you know that most chewing gum from the high street is actually made of plastic? I couldn't believe it when I found that out! Fear not, this chewing gum is made from Chicle & Arabic Gum from Sapodilla & Acacia trees. So that makes it a natural chewing gum! Doesn't mother nature just continue to surprise you! 

This gum is flavoured with peppermint & xylitol, giving it that fresh taste you're looking for. It comes with x30 pieces.

Chewing gum helps to remove food and bacteria stuck in your month and teeth. It creates saliva that helps prevent your teeth from getting a build up of bacterial acid that causes tooth decay. 

This natural chewing gum is also available as a refill (x180 pieces), an option which you can see here.

To take a closer look watch our video review of the English peppermint chewing gum by following the link.

Note: This product now comes in a glass jar.


Xylitol*^, Gum Base^, Calcium Carbonate*^, Flavouring*^, Gum Arabic^, Lecithin*^. *Food-grade, ^Natural.


Alex, who founded Georganics, realised the effect that plastics were having on the environment and started doing something about it back in 2014. There weren't any plastic-free alternatives to toothpaste, and that's when he started to create his own plastic-free toothpaste at home and sell it at local markets. Now based in West Sussex, the company has grown to produce a large range of alternatives for care that are all plastic-free. 

Georganics is really helping to look out for the environment. Their products come in compostable craft paper, printed with vegetable ink, and they're PETA cruelty-free and vegan certified.

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