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Environmentally Safe Firelighters

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Environmentally safe firelighters made from FSC certified wood and non-GMO vegetable oil.

  • 100% biomass
  • Long shelf life
  • Carbon neutral emissions
  • Contains 28 cubes

These 100% biomass firelighters can be used to start fires in fireplaces, BBQ grills, wood burning stoves, ovens or campfires. The firelighters have a long shelf life and don't lose firepower or dry out when left open. 

Can be stored safely with food as no kerosene or paraffin. 

To use: Place 3-4 firelights under wood or on top of charcoal and light on the fractured side of the cube. The cubes burns for approx. 8-10 minutes with the first 5 minutes producing the strongest flame.

FSC certified wood and non-GMO vegetable oil.

Started in 1990, these guys have been making day-to-day kitchen essentials more eco-friendly. They have a whole range of products, including recycled kitchen foil, that are designed to reduce the amount of waste in our waste streams and they really live by that.

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