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Facial Cotton Rounds (Blush) - 20 Pack - Life Before Plastik

Facial Cotton Rounds (Blush) - 20 Pack

Vesta Living
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These plastic free facial cotton rounds (which are not very round at all) are made from 100% cotton, come in packs of 20 and can be used hundreds of times. Instead of taking your make up off with wipes that could find a way into our sewage system, make the easy switch to these wonderful plastic free make-up removal squares.

Between uses, you can give them a little clean with a soap bar and leave to dry. Then once dry, just pop the plastic free facial rounds in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and reuse, over and over again. 

Smaller (10 pack) plastic free facial rounds are also available in grey, blush and black, which can be found in our other listings. 

For a demo on how to use facial rounds, watch Charlie show you how here.


Made from 100% organic cotton.


Founded by Bryony, Vesta Living really take plastic free facial rounds to the next level. Why do they need to be round? They don't. By having square and straight edges, material wastage is reduced.

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