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Going Plastic-Free Bare Essentials Starter Pack
Going Plastic-Free Bare Essentials Starter Pack

Going Plastic Free Bare Essentials Pack

Life Before Plastik
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Feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to start? This plastic free bare essentials pack is ideal, and it saves you 15%. We've put together a small collection of some of the items we first purchased when we made the transition to being plastic free. 

This kit includes the following:

- Truthbrush Toothbrush (pick your colour)

- Georganics Charcoal Toothpaste *different flavour to what is shown in image (120g)

- Kutis Skincare Deodorant (select your scent)

- Funky Soap Shop Shampoo Bar (four different types to choose from)

All of the items are also sold separately, so if you'd like a bit more information on working out which is best for you, head to their individual listings first. Or check out the similar plastic free items below.