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Patch Large Plasters - Activated Charcoal - Life Before Plastik

Large Plasters - Activated Charcoal

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Biodegradable plastic-free plasters perfect for effectively healing bites and splinters but can also be used for order skin abrasions.

  • Biodegrade in 6 weeks
  • Made from organic black bamboo fibres
  • Hypoallergenic and free from irritants
  • Contains x5 square & x5 rectangle shaped plasters

These plastic-free plasters are completely natural, made from black bamboo fibres, one of the fastest growing plants.

The plasters have been developed with sensitive skin in mind. They are hypoallergenic and free from all irritating chemicals to ensure you can look after your skin. The activated charcoal in particularly effective in healing bites and splinters, although these plasters can also be used for ordinary skin abrasions.

  • Rectangle: 75mm x 50mm
  • Square: 75mm x 75mm

For a review of these plastic-free plasters, click the link and see a video of Charlie talking all about them and how great they are for the environment.


Patch was founded by James in Australia who was looking for a natural and plastic-free solution to cover a scrape his son had. Looking into plasters generally he noticed just how many chemicals they contain that can cause further skin irritation. That is when Patch was born and we're so grateful it was!

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