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Coccoina Natural Plastic Free Glue
Coccoina Natural Plastic Free Glue
Coccoina Natural Plastic Free Glue

Natural Plastic Free Glue

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This plastic-free natural glue is made from potato starch and almond aroma. It comes in a recyclable tin with a brush made from pig hair. The glue is biodegradable, non-toxic and solvent-free. 

I remember when I first saw this glue, I was buzzin'. This is the plastic-free alternative to the pritt-stick or PVA. It hold really well and is super easy to use. 

The tins contain 125g.

Click the link to see how to use the glue, as Charlie tries to be creative...


90% Potato flour in water - non toxic and without solvents, natural plant-based moistening agents, preservatives used in the food industry, almond fragrance.


Famous for their glue, Coccoina started in Italy in 1927, and was known for producing 'solid white office glue'. It has always been packaged in a tin, just like it is now and has become part of a basic must for any plastic-free household.