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If You Care: Natural Rubber Household Gloves - Size M

Natural Rubber Household Gloves - Size M

If You Care
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I like to wear rubber gloves when I do the washing up to save my fingers going all wrinkly! These natural rubber gloves are the plastic-free alternatives to the rubber gloves you can get at the supermarket. The best thing about these guys is when you're done and they've come to the end of their life, then you literally just chop them up and pop them in your compost, or bury them in your flower bed! 

These natural rubber gloves are made from FSC Certified latex and can be used not just for washing up, but also for gardening or cleaning - they're super strong! 


Started in 1990, these guys have been making day-to-day kitchen essentials more eco-friendly. They have a whole range of products including recycled kitchen foil that are designed to reduce the amount of waste in our waste streams and they really live by that.