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Organic Soapnuts (225g / 108 washes) - Life Before Plastik
Organic Soapnuts (225g / 108 washes) - Life Before Plastik

Organic Soapnuts (225g / 108 washes)

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Organic Soapnuts are the most natural way to wash your clothes. These beauties are organic, vegan, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, palm oil free, phosphate free, SLS free, synthetic free, fragrance free, cruelty free, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, sustainable, a natural softener and zero waste. Oh, and they work! 

These tubes include 225g organic soapnuts, a small biodegradable muslin wash bag and instructions. This pack will last you up to 108 washes. The idea is that you take a hand full of nuts 5/6 pop them into the muslin bag and then reuse them for us to 5 times. 

These soapnuts come from India where they grow naturally. Soapnuts are died fruit shells and contain a natural soap. They are perfect for people with sensitive skin, allergies or eczema sufferers. 

I find they work best if you pop your muslin bag containing the nuts into hot water for a couple of minutes before putting them in with your load. You can also add any essentials oils if you wish to give your clean washing a scent. 


Made from organic soapnuts (naturally grown), comes in a cardboard tube.


Founded back in 2009 these guys are spurred into finding a solution when both their children had eczema. They looked for a product that is kind to the skin, completely natural and also not awful for the environment. We're so happy they found this ancient soapy fruit.

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