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Ecoffee Cup - Coffee Cup (Diggi Do)-  12oz / 340ml
Ecoffee Cup - Coffee Cup (Diggi Do)-  12oz / 340ml
Ecoffee Cup - Coffee Cup (Diggi Do)-  12oz / 340ml

Plastic Free Coffee Cup (Diggi Do) (12oz / 340ml)

Ecoffee Cup
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Did you know that each year over 300 billion single-use coffee cups are manufactured? They might feel like paper, but they actually contain plastic meaning that 99% of them never get recycled. Isn't that scary and also insane? 

The guys are Ecoffee Cup have designed their coffee cups to be made of bamboo fibre, cornstarch and resin. This means that they're naturally sterile and don't have that horrible plastic taste. They are BPA, BPS and phthalate-free, with the lid and sleeve being made of a high grade and latex-free silicone. 

Many coffee shops even offer you a discount when you take in your own coffee cup, so you'll even save money. Everyone's a winner. 

Oh and they are dishwasher safe, but not suitable for the microwave! 

Available in a selection of other colours too! 


Ecoffee Cup aren't afraid to throw some scary facts out at you. They state that since the invention of single-use coffee cups, over 3 trillion have ended up in landfill! That is just one of the reasons they stepped in and came up with their genius coffee cup. Mine comes with me everywhere. Just in case I fancy a brew!