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Floor Cleaner - Life Before Plastik
Floor Cleaner - Life Before Plastik
Floor Cleaner - Life Before Plastik

Floor Cleaner

Iron & Velvet
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These water soluble sachets are the answer for plastic free floor cleaning. This is for the floor cleaner (sandalwood). The guys at Iron & Velvet have developed a completely unique way to solve cleaning your house without going DIY or giving in and purchasing cleaning products in plastic bottles. They also take up hardly any space so storing them won't be a problem! (Bottles aren't included in this kit).


  1. Rinse out a bottle that you already have
  2. Take a sachet from the box and pop it into the bottle
  3. Pour up to 250ml of lukewarm water into the bottle
  4. Pop the lid on and shake until dissolved


  • x5 Floor Cleaner Sachet
  • Stickers to stick onto the bottle(s)
  • User guide with instructions

The products are based on naturally derived plant extracts and materials including pure essential oils for the fragrances, a sustainably sourced palm oil derived soap, a secondary soap made from waste plant material left over from biofuel manufacture. They also use C12-15 Alcohol Ethoxylate and Isopropyl Alcohol at less than 0.4% and Monoethanolamine at less than 0.01% in the end cleaning solution for stabilising the essential oils and ensuring a safe pH. 


Launched back in 2014 in the West Midlands, the guys are Iron & Velvet are super passionate about reducing the number cleaning products that come in plastic bottles. With their soluble sachets, they've created a unique products in the market place that makes switching to this plastic free solution super easy. What a genius idea.

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