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Kooshoo Plastic Free Hair Ties - Brown/Black

Plastic Free Hair Ties - Brown/Black

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I use hair ties / bands / bobbles pretty much on a daily basis. These are the first completely plastic-free ties that we've come across and they're awesome! 

They are made from 75% GOTS certified Organic Cotton, 25% Natural Rubber, so 100% biodegradable. That means if one goes missing, don't worry about it, you aren't causing more waste! 

They come in packs of 5 in a variety of shades: black, brown and blonde.

Ethically and responsibly made in the USA. They are hand-dyed. If washing, please wash separately the first time as colours may run on a cold wash. Lay flat to dry. 


Kooshoo was founded by husband and wife team, Jesse and Rachel who are both yoga instructors based in Canada. The word 'kooshoo' means to feel good. And that is at the very core of what they set out to do. These guys really are good eggs.