Eco Coco Nut Recyclable Dish Brush
Eco Coco Nut Recyclable Dish Brush
Eco Coco Nut Recyclable Dish Brush
Eco Coco Nut Recyclable Dish Brush

Recyclable Dish Brush

Eco Coco Nut
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This eco-friendly kitchen dish brush made by Eco Coco Nut is made from natural coconut fibre and wood, and is biodegradable. That means the kitchen cleaning brush is completely plastic free, naturally antibacterial and non-toxic. 

Eco Coco Nut's dish brush is a perfect alternative to disposable plastic and doesn't contain any of the chemicals you sometimes find in other commercial products. As well as being highly durable and made from FSC timber, these brushes are ideal to use on pots and pans, plates, bowls and other dishes.

Introducing plastic free kitchen products into your household can be easy if you take it one step at a time. Let's start with a recyclable cleaning dish brush.

Tip: any metal found on Eco Coco Nut's products can be recycled. 

This is a pretty robust cleaning brush and, although we've only been using it for two weeks, it still seems like it's new. This could easily last three to four months no problem -- probably even longer.

This is a team that see themselves as plastic free revolutionaries. They created this legacy so that people would begin to choose biodegradable products instead of any old thing off the shelf. With their suppliers based in Sri Lanka, they've won multiple sustainability awards and continue to fight the good fight. Good eggs!