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Peruvian Coffee Beans - Alpaca Coffee - Life Before Plastik
Peruvian Coffee Beans - Alpaca Coffee - Life Before Plastik
Peruvian Coffee Beans - Alpaca Coffee - Life Before Plastik

Speciality Whole Bean Coffee - Peru Rodriguez de Mendoza Blend

Alpaca Coffee
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AlpA punchy whole bean coffee from Peru with notes of chocolate and citrus. This coffee is sustainably sourced from the Amazonas and packaged in a compostable, plastic-free bag.

  • Medium roast
  • Fairtrade certification
  • Cooperative runs a reforestation program 
  • Compostable packaging under the OK compost HOME standard

This coffee grows in the Peruvian province of Rodriguez de Mendoza, in the Amazonas rainforest and the home of ecological coffee in Peru. The coffee has a punchy taste of citrus and chocolate, our favourite. 

The coffee is produced by the cooperative, COOPARM. This cooperative supports small coffee farmers of speciality coffee. They run an incredible reforestation program where they plant over 100,000 trees a year, and are committed to organic farming practices. 

Alpaca Coffee is packaged plastic-free in home compostable coffee bags. The outside layer is unbleached kraft paper, the inner lining and labels are a cellulose from renewable wood pulp, and the zipper & valve are 'bioplastic' (made from sugarcane, cassava or corn). 

This is a speciality coffee with a cupping score of 84. 

The whole bean coffee comes in packs of 250g. 


Speciality Peruvian Ground Coffee


Alpaca Coffee was born out of the quest for bringing people delicious coffee from South America, without the plastic pollution. Victoria has created a brand that delivers both. Speciality coffee's certified by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) for it's taste, and packaging that's home compostable. Get the kettle on. 


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