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Qwetch Stainless Steel Water Bottle (500ml) - Bee - Life Before Plastik

Stainless Steel Water Bottle (500ml) - Bee

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Insulated stainless steel water bottle designed to keep tea and coffee hot for 12 hours, and any of your chosen cold drinks cool for 24 hours.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Printed with a bee design
  • £2 from each sale is donated by Qwetch to the establishment of new beehives
  • Rust proof & light to carry

Unlike aluminium bottles, Qwetch doesn't coat the inside so the taste of the liquid it contains will never be altered.

Tip: don't put the bottle in the dishwasher, oven, microwave or freezer. Clean the bottle between each use. Qwetch also say that you shouldn't overfill the bottle. Try to aim for where the neck of the bottle starts.

We have a range of colours available. 

The only maintenance (within years and years of use) you'll ever need to do on this bottle is the silicone ring that makes the bottle leakproof. But, in theory, this bottle could last you forever. Well played, Qwetch, well played.


Made from stainless steel. While many websites will tell you that this product is 100% plastic free, it's not. There is a plastic part on the inside of the lid, but it's BPA-free (PP5) and can be recycled. This bottle is a millions times more sustainable than using disposable plastic bottles and will last you a long, long time.


Stephane Miquel started this company through a love of travel and business. He was so inspired by a stay in a China and the country's love of tea, that he created Qwetch's first product, which was an on-the-go tea mug. Since then, it's been all about creating sustainable products that will limit tonnes of waste we see on Earth today.