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Sustainable ChewRoot - Medium - Life Before Plastik
Sustainable ChewRoot - Medium - Life Before Plastik

Sustainable ChewRoot - Medium

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ChewRoots are a sustainable natural wood dog chew toy. They are harvested by hand from tree roots in protected areas. This is done to make sure that there is no damage to the root system of any trees or forests. What happens is, they only harvest what's known are the tuber of the root, and that will then sprout again meaning that these ChewRoots are eco-sustainable. 

They are also limited to how many they can harvest each year. But once, you have one, it'll take your dog a good whilst to get through it! Betty (my German Shepherd) has had hers for 2 years and has barely made any progress! 

It also works as a natural toothbrush for your dog (so does a frozen carrot by the way - in case you're interested!). It's also completely untreated, so a natural product. 

For more information click the link to check out our video review of the sustainable chew root.


Sourced from trees in the UK


These guys are amazing. They are leading the way when it comes to sustainable, plastic-free and healthy dog toys. They claim to have discovered the antler over here in the UK. I hope they did! I'm really happy either way, as it's a UK product that hasn't travelled hundreds of miles.

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