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Washing Up Brush Head - Life Before Plastik
Washing Up Brush Head - Life Before Plastik

Washing Up Brush Head

Zero Waste Club
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This is the head part for our washing up brush. The handle comes with a 10 year guarantee and could even last you a lifetime if looked after. With an aluminium handle, and with natural plant-based bristles all you need to do is change the head from time to time. The head is completely biodegradable, made from the sisal plant and is strong and durable. 

Make sure you keep dry between uses to ensure it lasts longer. Please only purchase this listing if you already own the handle as it's specifically made for that product. The full brush can be purchased here.

This is a brand new favourite of ours and we both already have one next to our own sinks. 

Watch our video review of the modular washing up brush including how to change the brush head.


Made from 100% aluminium alloy 6061 and natural sisal plant bristle.


Rishi and Pawan started Zero Waste Club as they were frustrated with so many of the eco-friendly alternatives in the market place being labelled as luxurious and priced to match. They wanted to bring eco-friendly products to us at affordable prices, launching products that were built to last and investments. We love everything that they stand for.

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