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Vesta Living Wheat Bag - Denim Chambray - Life Before Plastik

Wheat Bag - Denim Chambray

Vesta Living
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A natural way to sooth aches and pains, wheat bags are perfect for the winter months.

  • Made in the UK
  • Designed to replace hot water bottles
  • Microwavable

To use just pop into your microwave for around 2 minutes at 500-750 watts. 

You can also use them to comfort sprains by popping them in the freezer and using cold instead.

25cm x 50cm, weighs 1kg. Made from organic cotton and filled with organic wheat.


Made from 100% organic cotton and filled organic wheat.


Founded by Bryony, it all began whilst she was on maternity leave and she realised just how many disposable baby products are on the market. She then decided to so something about it and went on to create Vesta Living, which she now does full time. Their range keeps expanding too which is super exciting to watch. 

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