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If you care recycled aluminium foil
If you care recycled aluminium foil

100% Recycled Aluminium Kitchen Foil

If You Care
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It takes a lot of power to produce aluminium foil. That aluminium foil roll that you're picking up from the supermarket has been through a power-intensive process to end up on that shelf. If You Care have created their foil from recycled aluminium kitchen foil. What that means is that they're reducing the power used to make their recycled aluminium kitchen foil by a huge 95%.

This recycled aluminium kitchen foil can be used in the oven, for barbecuing and wrapping food. It's recyclable, vegan, GMO free and plastic free.

Recycled aluminium kitchen foil

Started in 1990, these guys have been making day-to-day kitchen essentials more eco-friendly. They have a whole range of products including recycled kitchen foil that are designed to reduce the amount of waste in our waste streams and they really live by that.